Why Luxury Vinyl floors?

Luxury Vinyl Planks and Tiles have taken the flooring market by storm. The popularity of these products has increased drastically over the years due to various factors that make it a very ideal backup option to hardwood floors or tile.

What are Vinyl Planks?

To begin, let’s go over exactly what these planks are. A good quality luxury vinyl plank will be made up of 4 layers, one being the backing which gives it its form and thickness of the plank or tile, then on top of that backing you will have the actual image that imitates the look of hardwood or stone. Moving from the design layer, there is a clear film that is applied to it to help prevent things such as potential rips or tears and it is all finished off with an aluminum oxide layer to protect the flooring from light scratches and scuffs.

Luxury Vinyl Planks and its benefits

The images that are put on these planks and tiles are very close to the look of the actual product it is replicating such as wood and stone; a good high-quality Luxury vinyl plank or tile will also have some texture in it so it will give you a much more realistic look and feel like the original product of which it imitates.

Many consumers are going this route because it’s more cost-effective than going with a hardwood or tile floor and will give your home the looks of Stone or Hardwood floors that you are going for.

One of the biggest benefits of a luxury vinyl plank or luxury vinyl tile product is:  

  • That they are extremely water resistant, in fact, many manufacturers claim that their product is fully waterproof, and give a really great warranty to back their claims up. This means you can install it in the kitchen, bathrooms, or any other place that you think could have water problems in the future.
  • Another reason to go with Luxury Vinyl Planks or tile, it has been deemed as being good with scratch resistance and not denting if something falls on it.

There are advancements being made in Luxury Vinyl floors every day in order to get as close to the natural feel of the product it imitates. Stop by our showroom today to browse our selection of Luxury Vinyl floors. Our Flooring pros are here to help and make sure you leave with the right product for your home.