Why Carpet is the best choice?

There is nothing better than coming home and walking on a beautiful soft carpet. For countless years, carpet has been the top-selling flooring product in the industry and that is due to the fact that customers have so many options to choose from.

There are thousands of styles to choose from and for the most part, every style will have a large range of colors from which you may choose that allows for a customer to find a carpet they will love and be happy with.

  • Carpet is the warmest flooring option and it gives you unmatched comfort and softness when compared to other flooring options.
  • Carpets are especially nice in colder climate areas such as our gorgeous Seattle Washington.
  • Also, carpet can help to create some sound reduction because it absorbs some of the foot noise and this is especially true with nice padding to pair with.
  • Cost wise, carpet is one of the best choices because you can get a very good stain resistant, dense, soft carpet for a more cost-effective price than you could get with something like a solid hardwood floor.
  • Many people also choose carpet because it is safer than other hard surfaces, residential carpet always gets padding installed under it, and the pad paired up with a soft carpet will create a floor that will greatly reduce the impact if someone were to fall. Also, it is much less slip-resistant than a hard surface option will be.

Padding is another thing to consider because there are many different kinds from a basic rebound padding or you can upgrade to suit your needs. If you need padding that does well with pets, we carry some great moisture barrier paddings that will cater to that very need. Many carpet manufacturers offer incredible warranties for their carpets because of the fact that technology has come a long way and they are able to create very reliable and efficient carpets that they can confidently give much longer warranty periods than they used to.

There are many carpet options and fibre’s to suit all your needs and our flooring pros are here to help make the process of choosing easier while making sure you get the right carpet for your home.